5 Common Causes of Intersection Crashes

Auto accidents are a routine occurrence at busy intersections. Unfortunately, the nature of these accidents can cause serious injuries and extensive damage to your vehicle. In a perfect world, we could stop all auto accidents from occurring. But until that happens,...

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Can I File a Lawsuit for a Dog Bite?

Auto accidents, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, slip-and-falls – a personal injury attorney in South Carolina can help with all of these claims. Dog bites are another common type of personal injury. The Uricchio Law Firm wants you to know your rights if...

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5 Ways to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents can result in some of the most serious injuries possible. If you own a bike, it's important to take precautions so this doesn't happen to you. As your Charleston motorcycle accident lawyer, Cristin Uricchio of Uricchio Law Firm has some tips on...

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What Are DUI & DWI Charges?

When it comes to driving violations, two of the most serious charges you can receive are a DUI and a DWI. As a DUI attorney in Charleston, SC, Cristin Uricchio of Uricchio Law Firm wants you to understand these offenses and how they can affect you: DUI – DUI stands...

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4 Things to Know About DUI Charges & the Holidays

The holidays are a time for celebrating. And while there's nothing wrong with enjoying the festivities, you can overdo it. It's no surprise that the chances of getting a DUI charge increases during this time of year. Cristin Uricchio, Uricchio Law Firm's DUI attorney...

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When Do I Need to Call a Vehicle Accident Lawyer?

Charleston vehicle accident lawyer Cristin Uricchio has helped hundreds of clients get the help they need after being involved in an auto accident. Uricchio Law Firm believes it's important for you to understand exactly when you should contact an attorney about your...

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