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Medical providers are supposed to offer us quality care in our most critical moments. Even though most medical providers do an outstanding job, human errors can and do occur more often than you think. Unfortunately, such errors are more common when hospitals don’t properly balance profit-based motives with the best interests of their patients, staff, and independent contractor physicians. Unfortunately, the nature of the medical profession carries serious risks which can have catastrophic consequences. If you believe you’ve been hurt as a result of a medical provider’s negligence, call the Charleston, SC medical malpractice attorney at Uricchio Law Firm.


Medical malpractice occurs when a physician breaches the standard of care recognized by reasonably prudent and competent practitioners in that physician’s field or specialty. In the most egregious cases, the physician makes a decision that breaches a standard of care that would be considered common knowledge to even a layperson without any medical training. In these rare cases, South Carolina case law has created an exception to the general rule requiring expert testimony to establish a breach of the standard of care. However, most plaintiff’s attorneys wouldn’t rely on this exception at trial as the physician’s field or specialty would easily fall within the purview of anyone with a medical license.

The Uricchio Law Firm is knowledgeable in the area of medical malpractice. We are well equipped with the resources to help determine if you have a valid claim. Although not every bad situation is the direct result of medical malpractice, our firm has the resources to understand medical malpractice cases and understand complex medical matters which allows us to aggressively pursue a legal remedy.


  • Improper Or Delayed Diagnosis

  • Negligence In Performing Surgical Procedures

  • Medication Errors

  • Failure To Diagnose

  • Failure To Obtain Patient’s Informed Consent

  • Abandonment Or Failure To Monitor

  • Neo-Natal (Newborn) Malpractice And Pediatric Malpractice

  • Obstetrical Malpractice And Delivery Room Malpractice


If you believe you’re the victim of medical malpractice, call Uricchio Law Firm to schedule a free case evaluation.

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